Now available from The Pongid Press: The Little Book of Bitchy Thoughts by Elizabeth Fairlight.

Book Description:  

The Little Book of Bitchy of Thoughts is medicine for the Modern Age, straight from the cauldron of Elizabeth Fairlight. The author serves up a stinging philtre of pithy observations, acrid humor, and even the occasional honest aphorism.

Quotes from the book:

If your child says, “Hey, lady,” to get the attention of a sales clerk, you’re lower-class. If your child says, “Excuse me, Ma’am,” then you’re middle-class, or higher. This is an infallible indicator.

‘Washington, D.C. is the third-world capital of a first-world country.’

‘Opera is only vaudeville with attitude.’

‘I’m always amazed by admonitions to love thy neighbor. Once God wises up to the fact that not everything on this Earth is worth loving, he would become a smarter God. It would be better to say, ‘love thy neighbor, if thy neighbor is worthy of it.’

Author Questions:

How long did it take to write the book?

On and off, a period of many years, mainly in intense bursts of irritation.

Do you have a writing routine?

My writing routine consists of nagging myself to sit down and produce, which appears to be the only method that works. I’ve also been known to invoke Caffeinea, the tenth and most congenial muse.

Author Biography: 

Elizabeth Fairlight has not worked on a fishing trawler, as a bullfighter, or shot big game. She cannot net a purse, play the spinet, or paint flowers on china, though she has one very remarkable drawing-room talent, namely, keeping an open ear for the unwary pourer-outer.

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